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Established in Epesses, Lavaux for about 5 centuries, the estate is above all a beautiful family history, each generation has contributed to the development of the history of the Duboux in Lavaux. Each family, with the techniques and technologies of its time, has either built and developed the practices of cultivation and winemaking or enlarged the estate which today counts 5 hectares of vines.

Blaise Duboux took over the estate in 2010 from his father, Vincent Duboux, after having worked with him since the age of 18 and throughout his studies and training as an oenological engineer at the Ecole d'ingénieurs de Changins. Up until then the estate was known as “Vincent Duboux & Fils – Le vin de mes vignes”.

A committed winemaker, he is one of the few winemakers to practice biodynamics in the steep vineyards of Lavaux, without being certified. However, the conversion to organic farming started in 2016 and has been certified by Bio-Inspecta since 2018. The estate cultivates 5 hectares of vines and 8 different grape varieties, 75% of which are Chasselas. Other grape varieties produced are Chardonnay and Marsanne for whites, Plant Robez – an ancient local selection of Gamay -, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Divico for reds. The Chasselas, the majority grape variety of the estate offers five cuvées, two Dézaley, one Calamin, one Epesses and one Villette.

The winegrower
Grape varieties

Sommelier Journal USA - "Winery Spotligh"

"For now, Duboux makes about 280 cases of Plant Robez, and he sells it all between Lausanne and Geneva. In my cellar, I have a single bottle that he gave me. I keep it in a special-occasion corner, with a Vega Sicilia and some Penfolds Granges and Haut-Brions. It isn't as exalted as those wines, to be sure, but it would be far more difficult to replace."

Bruce Schoenfeld Freelance Journalist


"The Lavaux Terraces above Lake Geneva yield fine wines. Uncorking Switzerland's secret. But only the swiss seem to know."

Peter Jaret Writer and journalist, USA

Vinum Magazine: What kind of wines for tomorrow ?

Classic and everlasting: "Blaise Duboux is literally rooted in his village of Epesses, but this does not prevent him from exploiting new routes. His wines are organically grown and vinified with few sulphites. Its Grand Cru Haut de Pierre has the characteristics of Dézaley and a finesse of Burgundian inspiration, although it undergoes a malolactic fermentation which allows, according to Blaise, to express all the subtleties of the terroir."

Text: Thomas Vaterlaus & Alexandre Truffer Vinum Magazine, mai 2020 (french edition, CH)

The brand

Art of wine

Turned towards the horizon, a soft face rounded by flight, an air of the moon, a seasonal of wife spouse, it takes from our hillsides where it clings, from the water that reflects upon it, and the sky that invades it… Our brand was born to take our wines to their destiny.

In 2013 our estate was given a new logo and its brand name; the result of the permanent research and philosophy of our estate, the brand, like the label design or the name of the wines, is the result of a long and exciting collaboration between Blaise Duboux and his partners and suppliers.

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The Brand Blaise Duboux Estate, Epesses en Lavaux