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MillésimesVINTAGE 2022


If anyone had told me, I wouldn’t have believed it!

The 2022 is such a hot year, so sunny after the rainy 2021, I would not have believed it.

Yet this is what we have experienced. Three months without real rains, ninety days at more than 30°, the warmest year on record since 1865…

The vine is definitely surprising. Once again it has adapted. This is not always easy and very dependent on the nature of the soil where we grow it. The clay soils made it possible to go through this long period of drought without much thirst, our way of organic cultivation was a real asset. Of course it was more difficult for light or shallow soils perched on the rock. There, the drought was felt.

We started the harvest on September 12 and finished on the 23rd of the same month, which means that we harvested everything in summer!

The white wines are powerful and long, with a minerality as exacerbated by the lack of water. The reds present themselves in power and concentration thanks to the smaller berries, their colors are deep and dense.

We look forward to making you taste this new vintage and look forward to seeing you in Epesses.


Epesses, March 1, 2023

Blaise Duboux, winegrower

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