OCTO, AOC Lavaux

OCTO, AOC Lavaux


From the Divico grape variety, obtained from Agroscope Changins, fruit of the crossing between the Gamaret and the Bronner.
This wine is a genre study, featuring Vitis Vinifera and Vitis Rotundifolia, for a greater respect for nature.
A new and original taste sensation. Certified organic wine.


Name: OCTO

Appelation: AOC Lavaux

Color & type: red, dry

Grape: Divico, 100%

Region: Lavaux, Vaud

Location: Bourg en Lavaux

Ageing: 300 liters oak barrel

Alcohol: 13 %

Certification: organic farming certified by Bio-Inspecta CH-BIO-006


Storage time: 5 years

Service temperature: 16°C – 18°C

Ideal storage conditions: temperature 10°C-14°C  I  Humidity 60% -80%  I Protected from light – Horizontal position – Without vibration

New vintage available from September. Cork closure. Packaging: box of 6 or 12 bottles, gift packages available on request.

Characteristics and pairings:

This wine has aromas on the fruit, a greasy texture and flavors of dark chocolate, it goes especially with red meats. Vinified in oak pieces of 300 liters, we recommend to offer it a year before tasting.